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Excelsior II

In Excelsior Phase Two: Errondor, you reprise your role of a Fixer, a demi-deity under the employ of the Grand Council of World Watchers. It is the Fixer's job to correct deviations in the pre-ordained history of the multiverse. Following your success in Excelsior Phase One, you have been promoted to the rank of Fixer First Class, whereby you will be assigned more important and complex missions.

Errondor is a land which has endured war for many years. But now is the dawn of a new age - at long last a peace treaty has been negotiated between warring nations. The treaty is set to be signed at a grand banquet - but a critical problem has arisen. There has been a mix-up in the type of wine being served at the banquet, which is a grave insult to the visiting dignitaries, and threatens to derail the peace. A junior-level Fixer had been sent to resolve this incident, but she has mysteriously vanished. You task is twofold - first, resolve the wine mix-up so that peace may prevail, and second, locate and bring back the missing Fixer. What sounds like a simple mission soon unearths a much larger and far more sinister problem . . .

Excelsior Phase Two works on pretty much any PC running Windows XP or later.

To download Excelsior Phase Two now, click HERE.

Excelsior Phase Two Features:

  • An all-new, full color interface
  • An intricate and intelligent plot
  • A gigantic world to explore with dozens of terrain types
  • More than 250 unique items, including 60 types of weapons and armor
  • A magic system with over 50 spells, potions, scrolls, and magic items
  • More than 80 types of monsters and townspeople
  • Hundreds of individuals with unique and interactive conversations
  • Over 35 cities, towns, huts, caves, dungeons, and keeps to explore
  • An estimated play time of 100 hours!

Excelsior Phase Two Screenshots: